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We are doing online personal training, small group fitness classes and virtual social calls!
Contact us or check our FB & IG pages to find out times!
These are crazy times but we've got this!!
The Gym is OPEN for Personal Training!
 Please Contact us for Scheduling 
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Personal Training

Small Group Classes

Nutrition Coaching

At The Gym, our Goal is to:
Achieve Lasting Health & Wellness.

Create a strong body - for life.

Are you frustrated with yo-yo dieting and exercise?

It's easy to stop and start healthy routines. But a yo-yo diet and inconsistent exercise can make things worse, not better. Are you...

  • tired of feeling tired?

  • uncomfortable, even achy?

  • embarrassed that you're not at your best?


Good news is that change is possible. Science has proven that lifestyle choices influence our health. For better. Or for worse. 

You can stop feeling tired, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. Consistent movement and nutrition develops more energy, builds physical and mental strength, and increases confidence.

Start living a happier and healthier life today.


A one hour guided workout in a group of six or less. Packages available in 8, 12 and unlimited sessions per month.


A one hour private coaching. Personal fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching suited to your goals and needs. 

Hey there! I'm Heather.

I understand how you feel. I have not always been in great shape. I've been uncomfortable with my weight, depressed, and have had health problems. A decision to improve myself through exercise, nutrition and mental wellness changed my life. I didn't need to "find" myself. I needed to create a NEW me!

My education background is in Public Health, Healthcare Management and Exercise Science. I've been certified in many areas of health & fitness, including Personal Training, Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Wellness Coaching, Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider, CPR and First Aid.

I am a US Navy Veteran, owner & coach at The Healthy Gene, college instructor and mother of 2 boys. These are just a few things that define who I am today. I've always put myself in positions to help others and that is what fuels my passion to help people achieve lasting health and wellness.

Fitness Class


Small group, trainer-led cardio and resistance workouts designed for every fitness level. Perfect for those with tight schedules and need flexibility. Multiple times available each day.

2x Week


3x Week


3x3 (3x Week / 3 Months)



$540/ 90 days

Image by Jonathan Borba


Private training for those ready to drop the excuses and dedicate themselves to their fitness goals. We help you find your why, target your goals and push you towards the results you want.

1x Week


*4x per month

2x Week

3x Week

Transformation Challenge


*8x per month


*12x per month

$1200/ 60 days

  • 2x Week 1:1 Training

  • Weekly 60 min Nutrition Meeting

CrossFit Equipment


For those that visit less frequently, are looking for a specific group class or just need a place to come in and knock out a workout. We have you covered!

Open Gym




10x Semi-Private Pass


$125 / 120 days

$280 - 90 days



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Tel: 910-859-0216

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