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New Private Gym located in Libertyville, IL. Grand Opening is scheduled for 4/6/2019. We're VERY excited! Come check us out!

777 N. Milwaukee


Pictures from the places I've been. Filters make it look like I actually know what I'm doing with a camera! What do you think?

Travel & Things

Thankful for this reminder today!

Some have access to it, some don't. If you are curious of the things that I post but either don't follow me or can't, here are a few that I'm proud of! 

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General theme here is working out and taking care of our bodies. Some from our gym, some from travel, some from the kitchen!

303 WorkShop


This is me being me. I like me... No, I looooove me!! So, here's a sneak peak into my life through facial expressions and silly poses!

Me Being Me