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About Me

One Body, One Life

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

BS in Health Care Management

AAS Health and Wellness *Promotion

*Wellness Coaching Certificate

*Personal Training Certificate

US Navy Veteran

Blackhawks Combine Fitness Tester

CPR & BLS Certified


Mother of 2, Wife, Entrepreneur, Student, Teacher, Worker Bee, 

Passionate, Dedicated, Consistent, Dynamic, Systematic, Efficient, Caring,

#1 Fan of Anyone Fighting for their Dreams and Goals

Specializes in: Personal Training, Wellness Coaching,

Weight Management, Strength Training (Functional and Body Weight)

At The Healthy Gene, we put the highest priority on long term fitness and wellness. Our mission is to guide you through the journey to a healthier, happier and more confident lifestyle. Conquering your fitness goals will come through lifestyle changes, not get-fit-quick promises. If you have been battling with this, you already know this to be true – If your journey has only started, save some time and take it from someone that has tried just about everything!


There are sooo many different goals, ability levels and roadblocks out there. It is my job to listen to your goals, personalize our fitness plan based on your ability level and use what we learn to knock down those roadblocks. You are an individual and at The Healthy Gene, you will be treated as such. Here, you can get a true one-on-one experience with someone that will be your number one fan. I will cheer for your when you are making progress, pick you up when you are down and provide reminders and motivation when you are just not feeling it. We all go through it, believe me… but I will always be there to remind your why you started.


This is where you start.

Don’t look back now.

Trust that your future self will look back and thank you for that first step.